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The winelist

스도쿠 다운로드
We offer more than 35 wines by the glass and change the wines constantly, so there is always something new to taste.
The wines reflect our personal taste and gives you the possibility of ‚Äùnerding‚Äù through lots of rarities 다운로드.

A art from wines by the glass, our extensive wine list holds hundreds of wines, should you care for a whole bottle of wine. The wine list shows both width and depth 다운로드.

We pride ourselves of keeping good vintage depth, offering the wines at a very reasonable price. If one studies the winelist closely there are many good bargains 다운로드.

We also serve sparkling or still mineral water, coffee and tea, which we can be accompanied by a cognac, calvados, marc, grappa, rhum or armagnac 스타 무한 맵 다운로드.

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R vinbar

Gl. Mønt 14
1117 København K

T: 3314 9498
M: mail@rvinbar.dk
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