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The food

Of course R vinbar serves food, when the wine have made our guests hungry.
Simple and taste full dishes such as charcuterie, cheeses, smoked salmon, canned fish and shellfish from Cantabria and naturaly also cake and sweets for the coffee firefox 한글 파일.

All simple and uncomplicated bar food, which doesn´t require letting go of your wine glass.

If you feel like eating with knife and fork, at a well set table and with lots of service and food of the best quality, then our restaurant ”Restaurationen” is only 10 meters away 온라인 영상 다운로드.


Smoked and salted almonds 35 DKK
Some of the best preserved fish and shellfish in the world, from Lolin in Cantabria, Spain 킹오브파이터즈 97 다운로드. Anchovies, sardines in olive oil, mussels in escabèche, squid in olive oil or in their own ink, octopus a la galéga 75 DKK
Smoked salmon, from Hindsholm Smokery, with garnish 125 DKK
Caviar 10 gr 다운로드. 150 DKK
Oysters, a piece / 3 oysters + 1 glass of Chablis 25 DKK/149 DKK
Foie gras terrine with a quince compote 125 DKK
Charcuterie Platter, small/large 95 DKK/145 DKK
The pickling jar, just like in the old days (Meat and vegetables preserved in it´s own jelly with herbs) 90 DKK
Selection of mature cheeses, 4 pieces/6 pieces 95 DKK/145 DKK
Lisbeths cake / with a glass of Port wine 55 DKK/129 DKK
Sweets for the espresso (3 pieces) 25 DKK
Gratineed breads with topping, pr 스카이 캐슬 9화 다운로드. piece/all 3 20 DKK/55 DKK
Charcuterie & cheese platter 185 DKK
Paté de Campagne 85 DKK



R vinbar

Gl. Mønt 14
1117 København K

T: 3314 9498
M: mail@rvinbar.dk
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